Current Courses

Students: Almost all of the materials for your course will be found here, including digital readings in PDF format. I try to only use the University-provided Moodle site for the posting of grades.

Class Resources

For a few of my courses, I maintain collections of online resources that I update over time, providing extra relevant material that students might find useful. Check them out!

Past and Future Courses

I teach a fairly standard rotation of courses, so if I know when I’ll offer a class again, you can find that information here. The website for the most recent offering of that course is available here as well, so that you can learn more about the class if you’re interested.

Course Last/next offering
PHIL 2029 – Ethics and New Weapons Technologies (Fall 2018, proj.)
PHIL 2010 – Symbolic Logic (Fall 2018, proj.)
PHIL 4955 – Philosophy of Biology Spring 2017

Websites for other courses (such as one-off graduate seminars), as well as archives of course websites from prior semesters can be found in the course archives.

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